Will a Deposit and or Payment refund be offered? 

The policy of the WSYG / WYLE clearly states a non-refundable deposit of $100.00 per participant.

That said, there is no clear reason for the event to hold any of your funds.

To receive a refund please fill out the attached form and submit:
WSYG/WYLE Refund Request

If you wish to donate your non-refundable deposit and additional payments into The WSYG / WYLE account at Cal Lutheran, please fill out the response form. The donated funds will go to seed a future event.

Patience is appreciated as your requests are processed.

Is an alternate event possible?

Standing in swirling uncertainty, while some would welcome the distraction to plan something different and unique, we have no way of knowing how long the pandemic will last and how it will profoundly change the landscape of how the church is the church. It is the wisdom of the planning team to lay this idea down.

When will WYLE / WSYG happen again?

The current cycle of the WSYG / WYLE has been as  prelude to the ELCA National Youth Gathering. If this cycle continues the next WSYG / WYLE event could be in 2023.

Why cancel now when it’s so far out?

The planning teams are attempting to be good stewards of time and resources. All of our timelines have changed and many of the trusted and reliable resources are shifting. It is prudent to make an early decision and live into disappointment.

Is there an option to do some sort of WSYG / WYLE event in the future post COVID-19?

We can hope that the future will make room for the next WYLE / WSYG. Grieving the losses and recovery from this wound will take precedence.

If the COVID-19 pandemic clears up much sooner than we expect, will there be a possibility of still having WSYG / WYLE?

Not in 2020.

What can we anticipate from the event leaders about future events amid the COVID-19 crisis?

We are with you in your disappointment. We will be vigilant in our hoping for the moment when we can launch another planning session for the next event. But for today, we are pausing.