The theme for the Western State Multicultural Youth Leadership Event (WYLE) is also “Dream Big!” Within the framework of the story of Joseph (Genesis 37-50) youth will discover this complex character, who was brought out of the isolation of the pit and ultimately propelled to a leadership position in Egypt that not only saved his family but an entire nation.

Joseph’s dreams and his interpretation of dreams led him to a life and faith that was beyond his imagination. Together, with Christ our savior, we will teach youth of color to look beyond external circumstances and discover the “Dream” within.

Dates for WYLE: June 27-June 28. One Day Pre-Event Multicutural Youth Leadership Event

Cost: $100 (program, room and board)

Speakers: Rev. Yeheil Curry, Rev. Leila Ortiz

Workshops: Social Justice Issues (Police Brutality, Dream Act, Lack of Resources), Racism, Breaking out of your Box, The Gospel According to Hip Hop, and more!

Register at WSYG site and click the WYLE as an Add-on!

If you are planning to register for the WYLE event, please contact Linda LeBlanc at leblanc@callutheran.edu for a special registration code before registering your group.


More Info for this page will be coming soon. If you have any other questions, please let contact Linda LeBlanc (805-493-3936).

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