Who May Attend?
9th – 12 grade. This includes those entering 9th grade in 2020 and those who have graduated 12th grade in 2020.

Are both male and female chaperones required?
We know some groups will only have 1 chaperone. We would like 1 chaperone for each 8 youth attending. If you have a group of 8 youth with 6 female and 2 male, the male students will be housed with another group because we need to make the most of the space we have to house our guests.

What is the registration fee for chaperones?
The registration fee is the same for chaperones. Please add their names and pertinent information to the registration form.

How do I get to WSYG?
Check out the Transportation page for more details.

Are the males and females separated? How many in each room?
We do separate males and females by rooms. They will though (for the most part) be in the same residence hall.

Does each group need to reserve specific rooms, or will we be mixed with other groups?
The number in each room is based on the size of the group. Anywhere from 4-8 people are in a suite.

What items are in the room?
Each person will be provided a linen pack which includes a towel, washcloth, sheets, pillow and lightweight blanket. Please remember these are empty residence halls. You will need to bring soap or body wash, hand soap for the sink, paper towels, and all other toiletries (except toilet paper). There is a Rite Aid around the corner from campus where these items can be purchased.

What should I bring for the beach day?
For beach day you will need: beach towel, swimsuit, hat and sunscreen. You may want to bring extra funds for shops located around the beach, Cal Lutheran bookstore and Starbucks.

If you have any other questions, please let contact Linda LeBlanc (805-493-3936)