Devotions – Day 5

Thoughts as you journey homeward:

  1. How are you different because of your time at the Western States Youth Gathering?
  2. Will you view yourself differently when you experience your own “Epic Fail” in the future?  Will you view others differently when you observe them having
  3. an “Epic Fail”?
  4. What can you personally do to help turn those “fails” into “Faith” opportunities?


This morning we talked about 2 Corinthians 12:1-10, where Paul talks about his thorn in the flesh. Paul BEGGED God to remove that thorn, and yet God didn’t.

What do you think Paul’s thorn in the flesh was?

What is your thorn in the flesh?

Where in your life have you asked God for something, and God responds with “My grace is sufficient for you”?

Read Romans 8:31-39.  Rewrite it in your own words

What is God saying to you in this message as we end our week together?



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