Devotions – Day 3

Talk about your servant experience today.  Who did you meet?  What did you learn?  What did you find yourself feeling or thinking about through the day?   Did you observe more of “Epic Fails” or more of “Epic Faith” today? (Explain.)  How might you (or the group together) carry this experience back to our church, schools, and community?

Tonight at the session we talked about Peter and his denial of Jesus.

Read Matthew 26:69-75

List the  “fails”  in this story

Are there any  “faiths”  to list?

Share an example in your life of a time that you really disappointed yourself. When have you felt like Peter?

What or who was the  “rooster”  in your life that made you realize what was happening?

How did you make a comeback?

Pray as God leads you.


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