Devotions – Day 2

Talk about your day:

A) Best workshops you attended.

B) Favorite part of today


This morning we talked at Session 2, we talked about Jonah and the big fish.

  1. Name all of the “Epic Fails” that you can remember in this story”? How did they turn into  “Epic Faith”?
  2. God’s pursuit of Jonah is quite revealing. What do you think it reveals about God’s justice and mercy? What does it reveal about human fear and faith?
  3. Have you ever “run away” from God? (Refusing to do something that you know God is telling you to do)


Read Psalm 139:7-12

Where can you go to escape God? Do you think that God could intervene in this world in a miraculous way more often?

TONIGHT we talked about the Woman at the Well. Read the John 4:5-42 drama from “The Voice” translation:

5-8 In a small Samaritan town known as Sychar, Jesus and His entourage stopped to rest at the historic well that Jacob gave his son Joseph. It was about noon when Jesus found a spot to sit close to the well while the disciples ventured off to find provisions. From His vantage, He watched as a Samaritan woman approached to draw some water. Unexpectedly He spoke to her.

Jesus: Would you draw water, and give Me a drink?

Woman9 I cannot believe that You, a Jew, would associate with me, a Samaritan woman; much less ask me to give You a drink.

Jews, you see, have no dealings with Samaritans.

Also, a man never approaches a woman like this in public. Jesus is breaking accepted social barriers with this confrontation.

Jesus10 You don’t know the gift of God or who is asking you for a drink of this water from Jacob’s well. Because if you did, you would have asked Him for something greater; and He would have given you the living water.

Woman11 Sir, You sit by this deep well a thirsty man without a bucket in sight. Where does this living water come from? 12 Are You claiming superiority to our father Jacob who labored long and hard to dig and maintain this well so that he could share clean water with his sons, grandchildren, and cattle?

Jesus: 13 Drink this water, and your thirst is quenched only for a moment. You must return to this well again and again. 14 I offer water that will become a wellspring within you that gives life throughout eternity. You will never be thirsty again.

Woman15 Please, Sir, give me some of this water, so I’ll never be thirsty and never again have to make the trip to this well.

Jesus16 Then bring your husband to Me.

Woman17-18 I do not have a husband.

Jesus: Technically you are telling the truth. But you have had five husbands and are currently living with a man you are not married to.

Woman19 Sir, it is obvious to me that You are a prophet. 20 Our fathers worshiped here on this mountain, but Your people say that Jerusalem is the only place for all to worship. Which is it?

Jesus21-24 Woman, I tell you that neither is so. Believe this: a new day is coming—in fact, it’s already here—when the importance will not be placed on the time and place of worship but on the truthful hearts of worshipers. You worship what you don’t know while we worship what we do know, for God’s salvation is coming through the Jews. The Father is spirit, and He is seeking followers whose worship is sourced in truth and deeply spiritual as well. Regardless of whether you are in Jerusalem or on this mountain, if you do not seek the Father, then you do not worship.

Woman25 These mysteries will be made clear by He who is promised, the Anointed One.

Jesus26 The Anointed is speaking to you. I am the One you have been looking for.

27 The disciples returned to Him and gathered around Him in amazement that He would openly break their customs by speaking to this woman, but none of them would ask Him what He was looking for or why He was speaking with her. 28 The woman went back to the town, leaving her water pot behind. She stopped men and women on the streets and told them about what had happened.

Woman29 I met a stranger who knew everything about me. Come and see for yourselves; can He be the Anointed One?

30 A crowd came out of the city and approached Jesus. 31 During all of this, the disciples were urging Jesus to eat the food they gathered.

Jesus32 I have food to eat that you know nothing about.

Disciples (to one another): 33 Is it possible someone else has brought Him food while we were away?

Jesus34 I receive My nourishment by serving the will of the Father who sent Me and completing His work. 35 You have heard others say, “Be patient; we have four more months to wait until the crops are ready for the harvest.” I say, take a closer look and you will see that the fields are ripe and ready for the harvest. 36 The harvester is collecting his pay, harvesting fruit ripe for eternal life. So even now, he and the sower are celebrating their fortune. 37 The saying may be old, but it is true: “One person sows, and another reaps.” 38 I sent you to harvest where you have not labored; someone else took the time to plant and cultivate, and you feast on the fruit of their labor.

39 Meanwhile, because one woman shared with her neighbors how Jesus exposed her past and present, the village of Sychar was transformed—many Samaritans heard and believed. 40 The Samaritans approached Jesus and repeatedly invited Him to stay with them, so He lingered there for two days on their account. 41 With the words that came from His mouth, there were many more believing Samaritans. 42 They began their faith journey because of the testimony of the woman beside the well; but when they heard for themselves, they were convinced the One they were hearing was and is God’s Anointed, the Liberating King, sent to rescue the entire world.


Name all of the “Epic Fails” that you can think of from this story.  Do any of those “fails” get turn into “Epic Faith”?


Pray for:

  1. The grace and vision to see “Epic Faith” when you feel like a failure.
  2. Your time tomorrow that you will spend serving.
  3. Any other prayer concerns within your group.

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