Interactive Learning

Interactive Learning Workshop Sessions

Uprooting Beliefs | with Joey Eldridge & Kyle Dewhirst of Lutheran Retreats, Camps, and Conferences

Many of us are influenced by beliefs, as are our faith journeys, without having a space to truly question and take ownership of them. In this workshop, participants will engage in activities and discussions pertaining to personal and general beliefs regarding, and beyond, faith practices. This space will provide an opportunity for participants to share, understand, and modify any personal beliefs they may have with Christianity and more.

Building Community in Your Group | with Michael Bridges

Learn and practice some skills for helping your youth group or congregation build relationships with one another to strengthen your community and be even better equipped for outreach and service.

The Messiness of Sex and Consent in the Bible | with Rev. Priscilla Paris-Austin of Immanuel Lutheran Church, Seattle

Long before the #MeToo movement and the rise of Consent Culture, the Bible shared stories that display both healthy relationships and toxic ones. Join Pastor Priscilla for an open conversation that takes a critical look at how sex and consent are portrayed in Scripture, as we wonder together how these examples call us to live in a way that all can REJOICE in the world.

Transformative Service Project and Creative Ways to Fund Them | with Kristina Garabedian of Hope Lutheran Church, Fresno

Learn how to turn service projects into a transformative instead of transactional experience so your participants get the most out of it. Learn about creative projects and the ways to fund them.

Today is Your Day | with Drew Tucker, HopeWood Outdoors / ELCA Youth Core Leadership Team

Too often, leaders tell youth to wait their turn, but our God is a God who calls us all right now. Today is your day because God is calling you with a beautiful purpose. Through conversation around scripture and tools for discernment, this workshop will encourage you in your callings and help you to identify more clearly what those purposes are.

Theatre Games and Group Building Activities | with Rebecca Smith of Lutherhaven Ministries

Come and learn some up-front leadership skills and together experience Theatre Games and Group Building Activities. This interactive and creative workshop will be interactive, and give you some activities to take home to your group!

Global Farm Challenge Game | with the ELCA Youth Core Leadership Team

Experience the challenges smallholder farmers face bringing their crops to market. Be the first farmer to fill your field, earn a profit, and save money. Do you have the strategy, skill, and luck to feed your family?

2024 ELCA Youth Gathering: Created to Be | with Bryan Honda

This workshop will provide you with the basic information regarding the gathering. It will introduce the theme and hopefully get you excited to attend. There will be time for questions during this session.

Seeing the World through Color | with Shawntelle Augustine of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, Los Angeles

Seeing the World Through Color will be a workshop focusing on healing and expressing emotions through color. Everyone shares their thoughts and emotions differently. In the workshop, I will be sharing my own experiences with emotional health and how coloring and being connected to one other heals us.

The Revival Within | with Heather Middleton-Fields of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, Los Angeles

This workshop highlights and brings awareness of the need to revive, reunite, and rejoice within ourselves. Self identity is highlighted in this workshop, reminding participants the importance of recognizing their potential and qualities. During the workshop we will play a series of mini games, reflect, and have discussions about where we need to revive, reunite, and rejoice in our lives. Leaving the workshop, participants will be reminded to love themselves & others because we are all beautiful and made in God’s image.

What are you Under the Control of? | Dan Gibson of Trinity Lutheran Church, Hawthorne

At some point in everyone’s life, we are all under the control of something. This workshop will explore various forms of attachment in our lives, and how we can break free from them.

Q & A with Rebekah | with Rebekah Bruesehoff

Want to learn more from Rebekah Bruesehoff after hearing on main stage? Join her and her mom Jamie for an informal Q & A conversation. Bring your questions about LGBTQ+ advocacy, Rebekah’s experience as a transgender youth activist, and more.

Nature Journaling | with Andrew Templeman of Mt. Cross Ministries, Ben Lomond

Nature journaling is an opportunity to observe, investigate, and reflect on the natural world. Learn to look at things from different perspectives, make observations, and question and investigate how things work. There is so much more to it than just drawing! This introductory activity is an opportunity to try out a new life-long skill.

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