There will be plenty of learning opportunities at WSYG2020. Workshops will engage a variety of learning styles and interests. There will be deep conversations about tough topics, informative workshops of interest to youth and their adult leaders, connections to ELCA-wide ministries, opportunities to engage with artistic expression through music and art, and a chance to be active with games and fitness sessions. Please contact Lisa Herlocker with ideas for workshop topics, presenter ideas, or volunteers to lead worship.

Rev. Dr. Alexia Salvatierra  “Welcoming the Stranger – The Immigration Crisis”  We will expose students to the real stories of migrants and refugees, as well as the broader narrative of how immigrant and non-immigrant churches are working together to respond to their plight.  We will also highlight the work of the “puentes” network (bilingual, bicultural millenial Christian leaders who work with our support circles.)                    

Molly Schrey  “Stop the Noise!”  Does your life, at times, feel like it’s spinning out of control?  Does your mind feel chaotic and scattered?  You are not alone.  Join us to interactively explore how to periodically unplug from the chaos and gain control of your life again!                

Drew Stever  “Queer Self, Queer Church”  Being queer-identified in the institutional church can be exhausting. Code-switching, not feeling seen, wondering when God is going to stop being referred to with only male pronouns, etc. Hear stories from a Professional Queer Trans Lutheran Pastor talk about their experiences and give tips on how to maintain a sense of self.         

Regina Q. Banks  “Roots and Wings: Lutheran Tradition for Action Today!”   The ELCA has wonderful social statements that give members a great foundation upon which to go out and serve our neighbors. I’d like to explore what that can look like to young people taking their first steps out on faith.          

Brian Krause  “Focus on Me!” People with disabilities are often defined by their disability.  In this workshop youth will practice going beyond first impressions to focus on the individual to create true, authentic relationships.  

Rev. Melissa Maxwell-Doherty “Soul Collage: Creating Space for Meditative Reflection through Collage”  Pause + Reflect + Image + Glue + Story + Your Life = Soul Collage. Stir imagination about your life through pictures, images, and pausing to wonder what it might mean. During this workshop you will create a Soul Collage, have silent time to journal, and share insights in conversation with others.​ No art background needed.

More to come! Check back soon.